In between moving house, finding a new job, trying to get into my third year, finishing my new job training and starting my third year I have been rather busy the last few months (and we already know how forgetful I am). I do intend, however, to try and make this a more regular blog.

I’ve been neglecting my crafting, but am trying to get back into it with a vengeance now I have a more regular timetable. As for recent stuff…
I finally finished the green gloves I mentioned way, way back in Feb or something…
…I only have the decreasing of one sleeve left to go to finish the shrug I also started months ago…
…and I’ve started my Hallowe’en costume.

I also finished some jewellery I haven’t photographed yet – a Hallowe’en/birthday bracelet for a friend and a Bioshock inspired bracelet for me. Will post them soon.



Good lords, I have neglected this blog something terrible. In fact, I have a confession to make – between Uni and other issues, I forgot it was here. But I have not been remiss in my crafting!

The knitting that was going to be a striped top is now a cushion…


…and I have been doing lots of knitting and embroidery, although these things are only half finished. Also, I taught three people to knit! And lots of cooking – I made a very yummy vegan lasagne. There are new listings in my shop – there’s a link about somewhere – and I have new idea for making shadow boxes to store all my trinkets, which I shall put up once they’re done.

I have finally finished it! I ended up having to buy the lingerie rings from the US on eBay, but it was worth it. If you’re interested in trying it yourself you can find the pattern here.

PS it’s actually a lovely rose pink cotton with grey straps, but the lighting is a bit funny as these are iPhone shots…

New Listings!

Finally, I have a camera! I spent what time I had enjoying the sunshine doing a spot of photography. I managed to photograph almost all my new items, and while I didn’t have time to re-photograph my old items before the sun disappeared behind the clouds (gosh-darned weather) I always have tomorrow.

So, to my new items! These will be listed in dribs and drabs over the forthcoming week, and I’ll update this listing to show which ones have been listed and which haven’t.

Turquoise Love Earrings (Listed)

Spot the Ladybird Bracelet (Listed)

History Of The Sea Necklace

Flowering Stone Bracelet

I’ll add more tomorrow 🙂

Busy Days

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been busy! I have a new knitting project – am knitting a lovely shrug from my Knitting Lingerie Style book. Sadly I don’t have enough of the gorgeous purple mulberry silk yarn I started it in, so am compensating by making the sleeves baby pink. Am striping the bottom part of the sleeves in a Cheshire Cat sort of way 🙂

I’ve done a spot more jewellery crafting for Etsy, and am about to embark on a night of sewing as I feel that section needs bumping up somewhat. Still no word on getting a camera 😡

Left 4 Dead At Etsy

So, after a lovely relaxing few hours slaying zombies with a friend, I decided to search for ‘Left 4 Dead’ on Etsy and found some beautifully awesome things… so here’s my top 3 🙂

First up has to be this wonderful Zoey Cosplay jacket by FeralWorks. It’s not often I’d consider paying $70 (£44) for a zipped sweater but the nerd in me really wants this!

Next has got to be this awesome Left 4 Dead inspired mobile by SaltyandSweet. Really loving that the Boomer, Smoker and Hunter are all featured. No Witch though?

Also loving this cute little First Aid kit pendant. If only they were this big in the game – I would be carrying hundreds every time I played!

Pretty rad eh?

Hard Work

Euf, I have spent two days on the Etsy forums posting and posting and posting! I have also started a new Twitter just for my Etsying/crafting (so that Etsy folks don’t have to read my regular personal life hehe), updated my Facebook Fan page, made a new banner and arranged to borrow a camera…. phew!

Twitter – http://twitter.com/ArianwenEtsy
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Arianwens-Place/110400821922

and last but not least, my lovely new banner in my shop – http://www.etsy.com/shop/Arianwen